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Telenor is the best sim for the User who lives in the village and today I will share something new which is Telenor Internet packages 2018 detail including 3G and 4 G packages with Daily Weekly and Monthly Subscription Male sure you read the full article to know full information regarding Telenor Internet packages. All the cellular services offer different types of packages for the promotion of the companies and for the benefits of the users. The use of the Telenor 4g Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly is extremely beneficial for the users in many ways.


Telenor Internet Packages

If you are searching the internet package that allows you web surfing free online without the hurdle of downloading. Approaching the sites for the streaming movies for free online is the benefit of the Telenor Company. There are several packages of the Telenor available for the users that are offering free movie streaming sites.

Packages of Telenor Internet:

Telenor Daily Internet Packages Detail

we have seen that many Telenor users subscribe Telenor daily internet package so here we have complete detail about Telenor internet packages make sure you check all the great packages

Package NamePrice (Rs)DataValidityActivation
4G Daily Lite BundleRs. 1250 MB24 Hours*12#
4G Daily BundleRs. 1575 MB24 Hours*345*131#
4G Daily Unlimited Internet BundleRs. 16350 MBFor one day (1AM – 7PM)*10#

Terms And Conditions

  • This Offer is Valid for both Djuice and Talkshawk Customers
  • The default rate of this Bundle is Rs 12/MB on 3G and 4G but if you use 2G then charges may be Different

Telenor 3-Day Internet Packages

The Telenor Sim Aims to provide their best services on its 4G and 3G internet and the majority of people do not prefer to use monthly packages so here is a Telenor 3 Days internet packages where you find the best collection of Internet packages in 3 Days Offer

Packages NamePriceDataSubscriptionValidity
4G 3-Day BundleRs. 42200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook*32#3 Days


Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

This offer is best for internet lover user because Telenor weekly internet packages are economical and provide you a high amount of downloading Mbs. we have to know that Mbs is very important especially on Sim internet packages so here is a great amount of data.

Package NamePriceDataSubscriptionValidity
4G Weekly BundleRs. 75750 MB*345*134#7 Days
Weekly Plus BundleRs. 1001200MB*345*164#7 Days
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet BundleRs. 852500 MB*345*144#A Week (1AM – 7PM)


Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Again this great Telenor Internet Packages for a month. If you want to browse data in high amount and want to watch youtube videos on your mobile and tab then Telenor Monthly Internet Packages is best for you, The reason behind is that you provide a huge amount of Mbs and Gbs for you now you easily share your post on social media and other platforms you download high qualities videos.

Package NamePriceDataSubscribtionValidity
4G Monthly BundleRs. 4784 GB*345*135#Monthly
4G Monthly Plus BundleRs. 75010,000 MB*345*136#Monthly
Monthly Data OfferRs. 1502 GB + 1 GB Pocket TV*345*835#Monthly
4G Monthly Starter BundleRs. 3002,250 MB*345*935#Monthly


Telenor Social Internet Packages

This Telenor Social Offer is for the User who loves to use social media like facebook .this Offer is free to use you have not given any money for this offer just enjoy unlimited social media.

Package NamePriceDataSubscriptionValidity
SOCIAL PACKRs. 0Up to 100 MB*5*325#One day


Telenor 4G Internet Packages (Data SIM Package)

4G internet is a high-speed internet Telenor internet packages give a high speed of internet besides ordinary packages 2G and 3G there is no need for special mobile but if you want to use Telenor 4G internet Packages then you must buy a mobile which handles 4G speed And we collect data and give you a top-rated Telenor Internet packages. If you use these 4g packages then you don’t need any other internet offer.

Package NamePriceDataSubscriptionValidity
4G 3 MONTH BUNDLERs. 4,00075 GB (25 GB/ 30 days)3 Months
4G MONTHLY UNLIMITEDRs. 6,000180 GB*345*1004#1 Month
4G MONTHLY VALUERs. 3,800100 GB*345*1003#1 Month
4G MONTHLY SMARTRs. 2,20055 GB*345*1002#1 Month
4G MONTHLY LITERs. 1,50025 GB*345*1001#1 Month
4G MONTHLY STARTERRs. 75010 GB*345*2002#1 Month
4G MONTHLYRs. 5004 GB*345*2001#1 Month


Telenor Internet Packages (Postpaid)

Package NamePriceDataSubscriptionValidity
POSTPAID SOCIAL BUNDLERs. 100+TaxUnlimited*345*486#30 Days
INTERNET 1000Rs. 1000+Tax8000 MB*345*485#30 Days
INTERNET 600Rs. 600+Tax4000 MB*345*484#30 Days
INTERNET 350Rs.250 + Tax600 MB*345*483#30 Days
INTERNET 200Rs. 200+Tax300 MB*345*482#30 Days
INTERNET 100Rs. 100+Tax150 MB*345*481#30 Days


Terms & Conditions

  • This Offer is only valid for Postpaid User
  • All the Charges Cut off after the month
  • All the Prices Included Tax.

Monthly Plus:

  • Price 100 Rupees
  • Data: 3000 MB
  • Limit: 30 Day

Weekly Bundle:

  • Price: 75 Rupees
  • Data: 500 MB
  • Limit: 7 Day

Daily Plus Bundle:

  • Price: 25 Rupees
  • Data: 100 MB
  • Limit: One day

Benefits of the Telenor 4g Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly:

You need to have the internet Telenor 4g Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis that is offering you the best services regarding movie streaming without any hurdles. These Internet packages are designed for the convenience of the clients. Some of the movies sites are not offering free videos.

Online Video Streaming:

These internet packages are ideal for free online movie streaming. There is the broad range of about 5000 movies here and are uploaded for the great numbers of clients. This website offers the opportunity to its users for video streaming of high standard and of great quality. It is the best thing on the website that is delivering the best results while movie streaming. It is quite obvious that is a user-friendly website.

Online Communication:

It is the perfect package for online communication via Skype and the idea behind designing the package is to provide the stress-free entertainment through easy communication online. It is very efficient in performance and offering the extreme convenience of the users. The connections to stream the videos free are of great quality and there are constantly more than ten connections in the streaming connection area accessible, however, the site contains irritating promotions. Loads of stunning videos and movies you can watch free films online without downloading.

Easy Availability of social Network:

These packages provide you complete approach and easy use of the social network such as Facebook on the mobile phone. It is well known for its superior quality video content. The majority of the users appreciate it due to certain reasons. It is showing the unique kind of data, videos and move without any hurdle. This is offering the best online uploading data for clients who are searching for the best internet availability. This is the way that is known for the user’s friendly behavior. It is admired at extreme levels for HD quality movies online. The idea behind designing the package is to provide the free online movie streaming at an advanced level. It is considered the most efficient and dependable website for watching movies without any downloads. Make Sure You visit our Website ALL Sim Packages

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All the Telenor Internet Packages Is share by Our site and we try to give best Packages detail we hope that you like that if you have any queries then simply contact us or comment on this post we will reply you back thanks for Reading this article do not forget to share this article.

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