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Telenor SMS Packages 2019 Daily | 3 Days | Weekly | Monthly

Here you will find Best Collection of Telenor SMS Packages detail with Daily 3 Days, Weekly, And Monthly Offers with subscription code and price detail Telenor is well known because of its exceptional services and is one of the top mobile networks. The team of Telenor Company is striving hard to provide its users best Telenor Sms Packages and convenient and low budget services so that the customers must be able to stay in touch with their family and friends. Telenor mobile network company not only offers low budget call rates but you can also avail reasonable Telenor SMS packages. It lets you send messages to your loved ones in affordable price.


Telenor SMS Packages 2018 Daily | 3 Days | Weekly | Monthly


Telenor is a professional network which aims to provide high-quality service to its customers in reasonable price. The Telenor users can easily subscribe to the Telenor SMS Packages which suits best to their needs and requirements. You can avail any SMS package without any time limit. It lets you send messages to even international numbers as well as local mobile networks.  You do not have to activate the package again and again so avail the free of cost SMS on any local mobile network after activation Telenor Sms Packages. You m9ght need to check More Telenor Messages Packages detail


Telenor SMS Packages Daily (Prepaid)

Package NameChargesMotiveSubscriptionValidity
Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget PackageRs. 18100 On-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks*050#1 Day (Till 12AM)
Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget PackageRs. 1550 On-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks+4MB Internet*240#1 Day (Till Midnight)
Telenor Djuice Daily Three ka Scene OfferRs. 13Unlimited On-net Mins + 200 SMS All Networks + 5MB Internet*345*031#1 Day
Telenor Djuice Karachi OfferRs. 101000 SMS All Networks + Unlimited FREE On-net Mins*345*21#1 Day
Telenor Saat se Saat Offer(Talkshawk Only)Rs. 8.50Unlimited On-net Mins 7AM-7PM + 20 MB+Unlimited SMS(talkshawk)*5*727#1 Day
Telenor Daily SMS Package (Talkshawk)Rs. 4200 SMS for All NetworksSubscribe *345*116#1 Day
Telenor Djuice Daily Messaging PackageRs. 2300 SMS for All Networks*2*2*1#1 Day
Telenor Superload OfferRs. 0.5025 FREE Mins on recharge of Rs. 100 + 20 FREE Off-net Mins*5*100#1 Day (Till Midnight)


Telenor SMS Packages 3-Days (Prepaid)

Package NameChargesMotiveSubscriptionValidity
Telenor 3 Din Sahulat PackageRs. 40250 On-net Mins+25 Off-net Mins+250 SMS All Networks+50MB+(100MB WhatsApp/Twitter/FB)*5*3#3 Days
Telenor Super 3 PackageRs. 40300 On-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks+100MB Internet*5*300#3 Days
Telenor 3 Day 3/3 Mini Budget PackageRs. 39600 On-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks+50MB Internet*345*243#3 Days
Telenor Djuice 3 Day 3 ka Scene OfferRs.34Unlimited On-net Mins (FnF Only)+500 SMS All Networks+50 MBs (Djuice)*030#3 Days
Telenor Djuice 3 Day Onnet OfferRs. 30250 On-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+15 MBs*730#3 Days
Telenor 3 Days All In One OfferRs. 30150 On-net Mins+15 Off-net Mins+150 SMS All Networks+150MB Internet*345*210#3 Days


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Telenor SMS Packages Weekly (Prepaid)

Package NameChargesMotiveSubscriptionValidity
Telenor Weekly SMS PackageRs. 71000 SMS to All Networks*2*2*2#7 Days
Telenor All in One Plus Package(Djuice Only)Rs.120150 On-net Minutes+Rs.75 Balance for Calls & SMS+2500 MBs (Djuice)*345*88#7 Days
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat PackageRs. 95 1000 On-net Mins+70 Off-net Mins+700 SMS All Networks+1GB +350MB Social Pack*5*7#7 Days
Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget PackageRs. 86500 On-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+50MB*345*247#7 Days
Telenor 3 ka Scene PackageRs.12Free FNF Calls+200 SMS+50 MBs*345*031#7 Days
Telenor Djuice SMS Voice BundleRs. 11.9512 On-net Mins+700 SMS All Networks*345*105#7 Days
Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes BundleRs. 11.9512 On-net Mins+700 SMS All Networks*345*105#7 Days
Telenor Djuice Weekly Messaging BundleRs. 101200 SMS All Networks+100MB for WhatsApp*2*2*2#7 Days
Telenor Weekly WhatsApp PackageRs. 101200 SMS + 100 MB WhatsApp*2*2*2#7 Days
Telenor 5 Day SMS PackageRs. 7300 SMS All NetworksDial 555 or *345*015#7 Days
Telenor EasyCard Weekly PackageRs. 170500 On-net Mins+50 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+750MBEasyCard Recharge Required *555*<14 digit code on card>#7 Days


Telenor SMS Packages Monthly (Prepaid)

Package NameChargesMotiveSubscriptionValidity
Telenor Monthly SMS PackageRs. 405000 SMS All Networks*345*363#30 Days
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala OfferRs. 4183000 On-net Mins+3000 SMS All Networks (100 Mins Per day)+300MBs*345*30#30 Days
Telenor EasyCardRs. 350500 On-net Mins+50 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks (Telenor+PTCL)+500MBEasyCard Recharge Required *555*<14 digit code on card>#30 Days
Telenor EasyCard Plus PackageRs. 6001500 On-net Mins (PTCL/Telenor)+ 150 Off-net Mins+1500 SMS All Networks+1.5GBEasyCard Recharge Required *555*<14 digit code on card>#30 Days
Telenor SIM Lagao OfferRs. 03000 On-net Mins+3GB InternetDial IVR 2222 Or SMS FREE to 222230 Days


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The subscription method and SMS packages vary to the users of Telenor Talkshawk. They have to subscribe the service daily, monthly or weekly according to their need. Telenor packages also offer five-day packages and fortnightly subscription as well. This lets the users activate the service which best suits them. So avail the sufficient and the most reliable service available in Pakistan. Following is the complete detail of the Telenor SMS packages.’



Do remember that terms and conditions do apply to these packages. The users can send free messages to any local network available in Pakistan. You can check the remaining SMS by dialing *111#. Do remember that these packages are for specified time. Following are the SMS package list.

  • Daily SMS Bundle

If you activate this service, you will get 200 SMS daily. To enable this service just dial *345*116#. The bundled service is available for just one day, and the charges are 3.50 Pkr plus tax.

  • Weekly Bundle

Weekly Bundle is for seven days, and if you activate it, you can avail 800 SMS by dialing *345*117#. The charges for activation are 12 Pkr plus tax.

  • 15-day Bundle

You can subscribe to this package by dialing the code *345*005# or can call on 555. This SMS package bundle offers 1500 SMS. No extra charges will be deducted on another local mobile network. The validity of this service if for 15 days and the activation fees are 38. 24 including tax.

  • Five-day bundle

The five-day bundle charges are 7.17 including tax. You will get 300 SMS on all networks by dialing 555 or dialing the code *345*015#.

So if you do not have Telenor sim then get it now and avail the best cellular service nationwide. The Telenor SMS packages offer a great deal to all its postpaid and prepaid service.  Telenor most SMS bundles are well classified in many categories. make Sure you visit our Site All Sim Packages 


So I hope All you Gyz who is reading this article enjoy this and I hope that you fill find best Telenor SMS Packages For you if you feel that we help you then simply share this article we really like that if someone share our work and if you have any suggestion simply Comment on this post thanks.

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