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Ufone Internet Packages 2019 | Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

So we are here and today we will share a best Ufone Internet Packages with Hourly, 3 Days, weekly and Monthly packages with 3g and 4g Speed and also give you a method of how to activate Ufone Internet Packages. As we all know that the Internet take a major part of your life without internet life is nothing with the help of the internet you can connect with the whole world with just one click but for this you must have an internet connection and mobile sim Internet is the best option for the normal people because you can carry your mobile with you in Home Office and other coffee shop and other places So here we will share a best Ufone Internet Packages Now look at this.


Ufone Internet Packages 2018 | Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone Internet Packages Prepaid 

So Ufone is a biggest and old telecommunication company which aim is to provide a best Ufone Internet Packages for their both prepaid and postpaid user First we will discuss the Ufone Internet Packages for Prepaid User. Ufone Company knows that its major user uses its prepaid subscription so that takes an offer for you with hourly 3 days weekly and monthly offers to make sure you choose best Ufone Inter packages for you.

Ufone Internet Packages Hourly

Many telecommunication companies focused on Hourly Internet packages so that Ufone give you the Best Deal on Ufone Hourly Internet Packages Checkout best Packages that suit your timing and amount Note that all the Packages contain Tax So if the amount cut you know that before.

Ufone hourly internet package lets you freely be ideal when you want to be connected to your social circle or video stream only, from time to time (for 1 or 2 hours) Provides freedom to enjoy. Instead of Other networks because of their cheaper rates and an hourly billing cycle, you can access yourself to the best Internet phone Internet according to your needs and stability. Please find the Ufone Internet package code, price, credentials, and other details below

Package NameAmountMotiveValiditySubscribtionUnsubscribe
Ufone Streaming Offer (1 Hour)Rs. 8 (Incl. tax)500MB for Youtube & Dailymotion1 hour*78#Package will be expired after 1 hour Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Power HourRs. 6 (Excl. tax)60 On-net Mins+60 SMS All Networks +60MB1 Hour*99#Package will be expired after 1 hour Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Special Daily 3G PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)50 MBValid Between 1AM – 9PM Daily*3461#Unsub *5501# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Daily Pakistan OfferRs. 18 (Incl. tax)100 On-net Minutes + 10 MB Internet24 Hours*888#Unsub *8880# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G PackageRs. 15 (Incl. tax)75MB + Unlimited (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line)24 hours*2258#Unsub *4804# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Mega Daily 3G PackageRs. 12 (Incl. tax)2.048 GB InternetValid between 1AM - 8AM Daily*550#Unsub *5501# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Daily light 3G PackageRs. 10 (Incl. tax)40MB for (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line)24 hours*2256#Send UNSUB to 8804 Check Remaining *707#


Ufone Internet Packages Daily

Great Offer for Internet lover Because now Ufone come with their special deal that gives you best and cheap Inter Packages with Daily Basic now you can pay a small amount of money on a daily basis this is amazing package of Ufone make sure you check all these packages with subscription code so that you can not do any mistake.

Package NameAmountMotiveValiditySubscribtionUnsubscribe
Ufone Social Monthly PackageRs. 50 (incl. tax)1 GB for (FB,WhatsApp,Twitter)1 Day*5858#Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Special Daily 3G PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)50 MBValid Between 1AM- 9PM Daily*3461#Send UNSUB to 7810
Ufone Social Daily PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)100 MB (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp)1 Day*4422#Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Daily Chat PackageRs. 5 (Incl. tax)Unlimited Internet for (WhatsApp Only)+ 10000 SMS for All Networks1 Day*3465#Check Remaining *706#
Ufone FREE FacebookRs. 0 (Incl. tax)Unlimited Facebook1 DayOffer activation is upon selecting Free FB option in FB Settings-
Ufone Super Recharge PackageRs. 45 (Incl. tax)300 On-net Mins+10 Off-net Mins, 700 SMS All Networks + 100MB2 DaysDial *300#non


Ufone Internet Packages 3-Days

The Ufone 3-Days Intenet packages is an extra version of Daily Ufone Inter packages because they will give you an opportunity to activate your internet plan for 3 days instead of only one day I think this is the best opportunity for you who activate this.

Package NameAmountMotiveValiditySubscribe
Ufone 3 Day Hybrid BundleRs. 30 (Excl. tax)30MB 300 Mins (U-U / PTCL / Vfone), 300 SMS All Networks, 30MBs3 Days*5353#
Ufone 3G 3 Day BucketRs. 25 (Incl. tax)100 MB (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)24 hours*3350#


Ufone Internet Packages Weekly

We all love our family Members so that Ufone take care of this so it introduces Ufone Weekly Internet Packages for their prepaid User Now you can enjoy your internet plan for whole week without any interruption note that this packages will automatically Deactivate after a week make sure you reactivate before one week to enjoy Unlimited Ufone Internet Packages.

Package nameAmountMotiveValiditySubscription
Ufone Weekly Light 3G PackageRs. 50 (incl. tax)250 MB7 DaysSubscribe *7811# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 80 (incl. tax)100 On-net Mins, 100 SMS for All Networks,1GB Internet7 DaysSubscribe *5050# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Weekly Internet PlusRs. 150 (incl. tax)3 GB Internet7 Days*260#
Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G PackageRs. 125 (incl. tax)500 MB7 DaysSubscribe *220# > Follow Instructions, Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Weekly Pakistan OfferRs. 100 (incl. tax)700 On-net Mins, 100 MB7 DaysSubscribe *8888# (Check Remaining) *707#
Ufone Weekly Super Internet PackageRs. 100 (incl. tax)1.024 GB7 Days*220# Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Super Mini CardRs. 299500 On-net Mins (PTCL, Vfone, U to U)+75 Off-net Mins+3500 SMS All Networks+600 MB Internet15 Days*230#


Ufone Internet Packages Monthly

With the Ufone Monthly Internet Packages you will get some extra things like On net minutes and off-net mins and some free SMS that you can send to any other network and another most important thing you will get Cheap Ufone Internet Packages with 3G and 4 G Speed for Subscribe anyone Packages from the Below make sure you read at least all the packages so that you will take the right decision.

Package NameAmountMotive/VolumeValiditySubscription
Ufone Super Card Plus - Rs. 599Rs. 599 (incl. tax)1200 On-net Mins+180 Off-net Mins+4200 SMS All Networks + 1.5 GB Internet30 Days (Offer can be availed via ULoad also)Load Ufone Super Card worth Rs. 599 to activate this Offer
Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer Rs. 599Rs. 599 (incl. tax)2400 Ufone / PTCL Mins+360 Off-net Mins+3GB Internet+8400 SMS All Networks30 DaysLoad Super Card Of Rs. 599 Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Super Card 520 Per MonthRs. 520 (Incl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS All Networks+1.2GB30 Days (Offer can be availed via ULoad also)Load Super Card worth Rs. 520 to Subscribe to Ufone Super Card Package
Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer Rs. 520Rs. 520 (Incl. tax)2000 Ufone, PTCL Mins+300 Off-net Mins+2400 MB+8000 SMS All Networks30 DaysLoad Super Card of Rs. 520 Check Remaining *706#
Ufone Monthly Heavy 3G PackageRs. 500 (incl. tax)3.072 GB + Unlimited (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 Days*803#
Ufone Nayi SIM OfferRs. 50 (incl. tax)500 On-net Mins+25 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+1GB30 Days*1000# (Recharge Required Rs. 50)
Ufone Monthly Pakistan OfferRs. 418 (incl. tax)4000 On-net Mins+400MB30 DaysSub *8888# Unsub *8880# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Monthly 1GB 3G PackageRs. 250 (incl. tax)1.024 GB + Unlimited (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 DaysSubscribe *7807# Check Remaining *707#
Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback OfferRs. 250 (incl. tax)1GB for Unlimited Social Pack30 DaysTo activate please visit Ufone Official Website
Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G PackageRs. 1,000 (incl. tax)10.24 GB + Unlimited (FB, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter)30 Days*5100# Check Remaining *706#
Ufone SIM Lagao OfferRs. 0 (incl. tax)3000 On-net Mins (U2U / PTCL)+3000 SMS All Networks + 3GB Internet30 Days*5000#


Ufone Internet Packages Postpaid

Postpaid User Also avail Internet Offer There is a complete detail of Ufone Internet Packages with Subscription code MBS and Many more thing a postpaid user needed to be given below

Package NameAmountMotive/VolumeValiditySubsribtion
Ufone Postpay 1GB PackageRs. 300 (incl. tax)1024 MBs30 Days*4547#
Ufone Postpay 3GB PackageRs. 700 (incl. tax)3072 MBs30 Days*805#
Ufone Postpay 5GB PackageRs. 1000 (incl. tax)5120 MBs30 Days*7550#
Ufone Postpay 10GB PackageRs. 1200 (incl. tax)10240 MBs30 Days*8550#
Ufone Prime 300 Postpaid PackageRs. 300 (Excl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS+500 MB Internet30 DaysDial 333
Ufone Prime 600 Postpaid PackageRs. 600 (Excl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS+1000 MB Internet30 DaysDial 333
Ufone Prime 1000 Postpaid PackageRs. 1000 (Excl. tax)5000 On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+5000 SMS+2000 MB Internet30 DaysDial 333
Ufone Prime 1500 Postpaid PackageRs. 1500 (Excl. tax)7000 On-net Mins+750 Off-net Mins+7000 SMS+8000 MB Internet30 DaysDial 333
Ufone PrimePlay 1000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 100 (Excl. Tax)1 GB30 Days*323#
Ufone PrimePlay 3000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 250 (Excl. Tax)3 GB30 Days*434#
Ufone PrimePlay 6000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 500 (Excl. Tax)6 GB30 Days*656#
Ufone PrimePlay 10000 Postpay Internet PackageRs. 750 (Excl. Tax)10 GB30 Days*989#
Ufone Super Load Postpaid PackageRs. 999 (Incl. tax)1 Month 2000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+300 PTCL / VPTCL Mins+2000 MB Internet+2000 SMS30 Days*5000#


A complete guide to all Ufone 3G internet packages

Ufone is the leading cellular leading brand of Pakistan. It caters to millions of users on daily basis. For years, Ufone has been offering 2G, 3G and 4G internet services to its customers. Ufone has revised all its 3G packages for the year 2015 to 2018. All 3G internet bundles have been designed to cater to the needs of individuals and are co9maptible for use on any 3G supporting device. The good news is that with all internet buckets, the use of social networking apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter is free of cost. This is an amazing one of its kind offer with the very high-speed internet.

Ufone 3G Internet packages

The revised 3G internet packages are categorized into four main categories i.e Daily packages, three-day packages, weekly packages, and heavyweight monthly packages. There are unlimited internet packages that Ufone is offering for its customers. You can inquire about all available internet packages at Ufone helpline 333. Information about Ufone 3G internet packages daily, weekly and monthly packages can also be retrieved by dialing *3#. Once you have availed the desired internet package, you can keep a check on the remaining MBs at *706#.

Daily Internet Packages

There are 4 daily internet packages which are being offered by Ufone in the revised edition

  • Daily light bucket

The daily light bucket is offered 40MB high-speed internet at a low price of 10 rupees+tax. This bucket is available for use 24 hours a day and will automatically be re-subscribed again if it is not unsubscribed. This package can be subscribed by dialing *804#

  • Daily heavy bucket

The daily heavy bucket is offering 75MB high-speed internet at only 15 rupees. Surplus charges will be applicable. This bucket is available for use 24 hours a day and will automatically be re-subscribed again if it is not unsubscribed. This package can be subscribed by dialing *8042#

  • Special Daily bucket

The special daily bucket offers 50MB internet for only 5 rupees. However, the drawback is that this package can only be used during 1am to 9pm in a day. This bucket will automatically be re-subscribed again if it is not to unsubscribe. To avail this offer, dial *810#

  • Mega Internet bucket

It offers 5000MBs internet for 10 rupees. This can be used from12am to 12 pm. To subscribe dial *5510#

3 Day bucket

It offers 100MBs internet for 25 rupees. This can be used for 3 days all 24 hours. To subscribe dial *3350#

Weekly light bucket

It offers 250MBs internet for 50 rupees. This can be used all 7 days of a week.  To subscribe dial *7811#

Weekly heavy bucket

It offers 500MBs internet for 125 rupees. This can be used all 7 days of a week.  To subscribe dial *7815#

Monthly Buckets

The monthly buckets include

  • 1GB bucket offers 1000 MBs internet at PKR 250. To subscribe dial *7801#
  • 3GB bucket offers 3000 MBs internet at PKR 500. To subscribe dial *803#

10GB bucket offers 10,000 MBs internet at PKR 1000. To subscribe dial *5100#

Final Words

I hope you will Like And Enjoy this Article about Ufone Internet Packages 2018 Detail Make sure you share this article with your friends and many members and other Ufone User we all know that Sharing is Caring For Furter Detail Visit Our Site All Sim Packages for Visit Ufone Official Website 


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