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Warid Call Packages 2019 Hourly | 3 Days | Weekly and Monthly

So we know that Warid Telecommunication sim is a leading Company and it provides high-quality call rates and at cheap prices, our main aim is to provide best Warid Call Packages including Hourly, 3-Days, Weekly and Monthly Packages with Subscription Code make sure you Guyz chose best Warid Call Package for you and read the full article.


Warid calling packages come with different time and limits. You can choice Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly call package according to your requirement. Warid Also provides a night call package.

Now Warid Offer their sim in two types of User Prepaid and postpaid we will discuss separately. First, we discuss Prepaid Warid Call Packages

Warid Call Packages 2018 Hourly | 3 Days | Weekly and Monthly


We categorized all call packages into three portions. That portions help you choose a good call package.

  1. Warid Daily Call Packages
  2. Warid Weekly Call Packages
  3. Warid Monthly Call Packages

Now We discuss all packages with the full activation code and detail.


The Warid Also offer for their user Warid Call Packages on the Hourly rate. Now you can enjoy this great offer and enjoy with your friends and family make sure that you check all these packages.

Package NameMotiveChargesValiditySubscribe/UnSubscribe
Warid Pakistan OfferUnlimited On-net Calls except 6PM to 8PMRs. 12 (Excl. tax)Daily Call Limits 300 Minutes (5 hours)To Subscribe SMS PK to 4337 Unsubscribe SMS PKOFF to 4337
Warid Hourly PackageUnlimited Calls to On-net numbersRs. 8+tax /hour (7PM - 11PM) Rs. 4+tax /hour (11PM - 7PM) Call Rates 3+tax2 hoursTime (t to start package) i.e. 10PM send it to 2742
Jazz Warid 2 Ghanta Call PackageUnlimited Calls to On-net NumbersRs. 3+tax2 hours*555#
Warid Ghanta OfferUnlimited Warid to Warid CallsRs. 2.99+tax /per hour1 hourSend GH to 3333

All the Warid Hourly Call _Packages are up to date and Valid for Prepaid User.


Now I will share some exciting things with my Folks As you know that our ALL Sim Packages main motive is to provide best class packages detail so now enjoy with your friends and family Warid Call Packages with Daily rates.

Package NameMotiveChargesValiditySubscribeUnsubscribe
Warid Make Your BundleOn-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value)As per Customers SelectionStatus String Validity *303*1# for Daily*303#
Warid Daily Bundle200 On-net Mins+10 Off-net Mins+300 SMS+30 MBsRs. 30 (Excl. tax)1.DailyDial *99*11#Offer will deactivated automatically after 1 day
Jazz Warid Super Daily Offer300 Jazz+Warid Minutes for Daily UsageRs. 14 (Incl. tax)1.DailySubscribe *212# Check Status *212*2#*212*4#
Warid Pakistan OfferUnlimited On-net Calls except 6PM to 8PMRs.12 (Excl. tax)1.DailySMS PK to 4337Unsubscribe SMS PKOFF to 4337
Warid Power Pack Package5 On-net Mins+100 SMS+5 MB InternetRs 4.99 (Excl. tax)1.DailySMS P to 7777Offer will automatically deactivate same day Midnight

All the Warid Daily Call Packages are up to date and Valid for Prepaid User.


Great News Reader Warid call packages Include their 3 Days offer in which you easily find 3 Days call packages. we try to share the best Advance and relevant information about Warid 3 Days Call Packages.

Package NameChargesMotive Subscribe
Warid 3 Day BundleRs. 70+tax300 On-net Mins+30 Off-net Mins+500 SMS+500 MBs*99*1#


Now i will Share Warid Call Packages with Weekly monthly offer Now you can easily find best packages according to your desire.we try to provide the best information regarding Warid Weekly call Packages.

Package NameChargesMotiveValiditySubscribeUnsubscribe
Warid Make Your BundleOn-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value)As per Customers SelectionStatus String Validity *303*7# for Weekly*303#
Warid Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 170 (Incl. tax)1500 MB Internet+1500 Jazz/Warid Mins+1500 SMS+25 Other Network Mins7 Days*770# Offer will be deactivated after 7 days (Non-recursive Offer)
Warid Weekly All Network OfferRs. 120 (Incl. tax)1000 Jazz/Warid Minutes+50 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS+250 MB Internet7 DaysSubscribe *700# Check Status *700*2#*700*4#
Warid 7 Day Call OfferRs. 110 ( On-net Mins+70 Off-net Mins+700 SMS+700 MBs7 Days*99*7#
Warid New SIM OfferRs. 99 (Incl. tax)1500 Jazz+Warid Mins+1500 Upfront SMS+1500 MBs Upfront7 Days*989#Offer will automatically be unsubscribed after 7 days Check Remaining Resources *989*2#
Warid Haftawar OfferRs. 85 (Incl. tax)1000 Jazz/Warid Mins+100 MB Internet+1000 SMS7 Days*407# *407*4#
Warid Poora Hafta OfferRs.80 inlc.tax100 on-net mints(mon-sat)+250 on-net minutes(sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs7 DaysSMS WO to 3333


Let me move on Warid call packages with monthly Offers. Readers all you know that Warid tries to give the best offer to their Users.

Package NmaeChargesMotiveValiditySubscribeStatus Code
Warid Make Your BundleOn-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value)As per Customers SelectionStatus String Validity *303*30# for Monthly*303#
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus OfferRs. 799 (Incl. tax)5GB Internet+3000 Jazz/Warid Mins+200 Other Networks Mins+3000 SMS30 DaysSubscribe *707# Unsubscribe *707*4#*707*2#
Warid Mahana OfferRs. 520 inclusive tax1500 on-net mints+100 off-net minutes+1500 SMS+1500 MBs30 Days*99*33#
Jazz Warid All Rounder OfferRs. 499 (Incl. tax)200 All Networks Minutes+1500 SMS+5GB Internet30 Days (x+29 days)*2000#
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper OfferRs. 499 (Incl. tax)1500 Jazz/Warid Mins+1500 SMS+100 Off-net Mins+2GB Internet30 Days*706#*706*2#
Jazz Warid Monthly Hybrid BundleRs. 390 (Incl. tax)10,000 Jazz/Warid Mins+1000 MB Internet+10,000 SMS (Daily limit 333 Mins)30 DaysSubscribe *430# Unsubscribe *430*4#*430*2#

Warid Off-Net Call Packages (Prepaid)

Off-net Call packages also offer by Warid. checkout Our best offer on Warid Call Packages.

Package NameChargesSubscribeDetailsConditions
Warid FREE Calls to All Networks OfferRecharge of Rs. 50 at least, will be required to avail this offerAutomatically enabled for Prepaid & MNP users / Send FREE to 3733 or dial IVR for FREE CallsEnjoy FREE Unlimited Calls to ALL Local NetworksWarid SIM should be inactive for the last 30 days)
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus PackageRs. 625 (Incl. Tax)*707#Jazz+Warid 2000 Mins, 200 Other Network Mins, 4000 MB Internet, 2000 SMSOffer will be valid for 30 Days

Warid Postpaid Call Packages

Now Lets move on Warid Call Packages for Postpaid Sim As we All know that Warid is a leading telecommunication Company so that it offers Different kinds of its call Packages for their users.

Package NameMonthly PriceMotiveInternet Bundle DetailsBill Incentive DetailsCTA
Warid J1500 Postpaid PackageRs. 1500 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+ 7GB & FREE 1GB for FB/WhatsApp + 7000 SMS*443#*1111#*777#
Warid J999 Postpaid PackageRs. 999 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+ 2GB + 1000 SMS*443#*1111#Dial 777
Warid J600 Postpaid PackageRs. 600 (Excl. tax)2000 Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+1000 MB+300 SMS*443#*1111#*777#
Warid J300 Postpaid PackageRs. 300 (Excl. Tax)1000 Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+500 MB+150 SMS*443#*1111#*777#

J All-Net Postpaid Packages

Warid Call Packages Also Offer J ALL Net Postpaid Packages For their Postpaid Sim Offers. this Offers Also best for the user who wants to pay the bill at the end of every month make sure you check it out all.

Package NameFree MinutesMonthly BillValidity
J All-Net Budget500 MinsRs. 500/-1 Month
J All-Net Super400 MinsRs. =400/-1 Month
J All-Net Smart300 MinsRs. 300/-1 Month
J All-Net Mini200 MinsRs. 200/-1 Month
J All-Net Lite100 MinsRs. 100/-1 Month

add On

Warid 200 All Net200 MinsRs. 250/-1 Month
Warid 100 All Net100 MinsRs. 125/-1 Month

Warid Daily Bundle

  • This bundle includes 200 On-Net min, 10 Off-net min, 300 SMS, 30 MB 4G internet.
  • The validity period is 24 Hrs.
  • Price Rs. 30
  • To activate this offer dial *99*11#

Warid Daily Super Bundle Call Packages

  • This bundle includes 250 Warid + Jazz free minutes.
  • You can use these minutes in 1 Day.
  • Price Rs. 13
  • To subscribe to this offer dial *212#

Warid Pakistan Offer

  • This offer provides Warid 300 min that you can use whole day expect 6pm-8pm.
  • The validity period is 12 am midnight.
  • You can subscribe this offer in Rs.12.
  • To subscribe this offer send SMS “PK to 4337”.

Warid Jazz Ghanta Offer

  • 2.99 per hour Warid to Warid unlimited calls whole day expect 7 PM-11 PM.
  • Price Rs. 5
  • Validity is 1 day
  • To subscribe ghanta offer send SMS “gh to 3333”.

Warid Dosti Unlimited

  • Unlimited call to 10 FNF numbers.
  • Price Rs. 10
  • The Validity period is 1 day.
  • To activate this offer send SMS “fnf to 7777”.

Warid Power Pack

  • This offer includes 5 Warid min, 5 MB Internet, and 100 free SMS.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Price: Rs. 5
  • Subscribe code: SMS “p” to 7777

 Warid 3 Day Bundle

  • You can get 300 Warid min, 30 other networks min, 500 SMS and 500 MB Internet with this offer.
  • The price of this package is 60 PKR.
  • You can use these minutes within 3 days.
  • To subscribe this bundle dial *99*1#.

Warid 7 Days Offer

  • You can get 700 Warid min, 700 SMS, 700 MB 4G Internet and 70 other network min with 7 Day Offer.
  • This offer is only valid for 7 days after you subscribed.
  • Price 110 PKR
  • To subscribe dial *99*7#

Weekly All Net Bundle

  • 700 Jazz + Warid min, 50 Off-net min, 700 SMS, 250 MB Internet
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 120
  • To Subscribe this bundle dial *700#

Poora Hafta Offer 

  • 100 Warid min daily, 250 min Saturday to Sunday, 1000 SMS, 250 MB Internet
  • 7 days validity
  • Rs. 80
  • To activate SMS “wo” to 3333

Warid Call Packages Mahana

  • 1500 Warid min, 100 other networks min, 1500 MB Internet, 1500 SMS
  • This package valid within 30 days.
  • Charges: 520 PKR
  • To activate: *99*33#


We try our best for giving High-Quality content and Best Rate of Warid Call Packages if you have any question Regarding Call Packages of Warid then simply comment on this post we will reply you back as soon as possible also share this post if you like our Warid Call Packages 2018 Details also visit our Site All sim Packages thanks, Everyone.


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