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Warid Internet Packages 2019 | Hourly | Weekly and Monthly

As we all know that Mobile Phone is Increases day by day and Many people use Sim card to run their smartphone so that they need their sim and its Packages so that here we will discuss Warid Internet Packages with detail also give the method of Subscription with code also give a detailed knowledge about Warid Internet Packages


Warid Internet Packages 2018 | Hourly | Weekly and Monthly

Warid Internet Packages

So that All these Warid Internet Packages includes to its Prepaid / Postpaid customers. There Are various basic Warid Internet Packages and the company has introduced many other internet packages and offers like  Warid FREE Internet 2018, Warid Motorway Offer, Warid LTE Postpaid Shared Internet Packages, Warid LTE Prepaid Shared Internet Packages, Warid LTE Data Gift Package etc.


Warid Internet Packages Prepaid

As we all know that Warid Telecommunication sim is leading in all marketplace so that its aim is to give high-quality internet packages and at their low prices Warid Internet packages details are give below make sure you chose best Internet packages.

Warid Hourly Internet Packages

The Warid Hourly Internet Packages Are best for the user who want to use internet on small amount much time it happens people use their home wifi but they are outside their home and they suddenly need Warid Inter Packages so that the Activate Warid Hourly Packages they fulfill their need on a very small amount of charges.

Package NmwPriceVolumeValiditySubscribeStatus Check
Warid LTE Bundle for 2GRs. 0.991GB12 Midnight to 9AMRB2G to 7777
Warid Hourly 4G LTE PackageRs. 10100 MBInternetValid for next 4 hoursSend SMS DH4 to 7777*200*415#
Warid Monthly Extreme Night Internet BundleRs. 1255GB Internet30 DaysBetween (2AM-2PM)*117*34#
Warid Internet Hourly Extreme PackageRs. 172GBInternetValid for next 2 hours*846#*117*24*2#
Warid All Night LTE Internet PackageRs. 510GB12 Midnight to 9AMSend RB4G to 7777
Warid Weekly Extreme Night Internet PackageRs. 702500MB7 DaysBetween (2AM-2PM)*117*14#

Warid Daily Internet Packages

The Warid Internet packages are best for the type of user who majority use social media and other light things like browsing so they use Warid Daily net packages they definitely help them due to its low rates and a huge amount of downloadable MBs.

Package NamePriceVolumeValiditySubscriptionHow to Check
Warid WhatsApp Package & Unlimited Facebook OfferRe. 1Unlimited FB / WhatsApp1 DaySend FW to 7777Deactivate FB OFF send it to 7777
Warid Ramadan OfferRs. 10Unlimited On-net/Off-net Mins+100MB1 Day Valid Between 12AM-9AM*518#*519*2#
Warid Daily Browser PackageRs. 1250 MB1 Day*117*11#*117*11*2#
Warid Daily Data Bundle (Peak - Off Peak)Rs. 20100MB for 24 Hrs+1100 MB b/w (2AM-2PM)1 Day*117*4#Status can be check via ‘My Warid App’
Warid Jazz Free Music Daily BundleRs. 2050MB + 50MB for Saavn App1 Day*502*1*1#Status can be check via ‘My Warid App’
Jazz Warid Daily Social BundleRs. 5200MB for FB & WhatsApp1 Day*114*5#*114*5*2#
Jazz Warid Daily Social Recursive OfferRs. 5200 MB for FB & WhatsApp1 Day*455#Status can be check via ‘My Warid App’
Warid Daily SMS+WhatsApp BundleRs. 61800 SMS All Networks +10MBs1 Day*334#Status Check *334*2#Unsubscribe*334*4#
Warid Social Connection PackageRs. 750 MB1 Day*114*5#*114*5*2#

Warid 3-Days Internet Packages

3-Days are the Pro Warid Daily Internet Package because many times we have seen that person use internet package more than one day but less than a week so these type of people use -day Warid Internet packages they are best for the User with a low amount and high MBs

Package NamePriceVolumeValiditySubscriptionHow to Check
Warid 3 Day Bundle OfferRs. 70500 MB_xDF4D_ On-net Mins SMS All Networks_xDF43_net Mins3 Days*99*1#Check Remaining *200*515# For Unsubscribe*99*2#
Warid 3-Day Browser PackageRs. 25100 MB3 Days*117*1#*117*1*2#
Warid 3-Day Extreme (2AM to 2PM) PackageRs. 18500 MB3 Days*114*14#*114*14*2#

Warid Weekly Internet Packages

Another my favorite Warid Weekly Internet packages because there are two reasons behind that the first one is that its low amount of rates and high MBs with high 4 G speed believe me Warid 4 G speed is unbeatable and you must check this Weekly internet packages of Warid

PackageAmountVolumeValiditySubscriptionHow to Check
Warid Weekly Premium PackageRs. 1101,500 MB7 Days*117*47#*117*47*2#
Warid Weekly BundleRs. 15(Incl. tax)1200 SMS All Networks + 25MB7 Days*101*1*07#Status Check *101*2*07# Unsubscribe*101*4*07#
Warid Weekly Mega Plus PackageRs. 200(Incl. tax)8GB+5GB (24 hrs)+3GB (2AM-2PM)7 Days*453#*453*2#
Warid Weekly Browser PackageRs. 55300 MB7 Days*117*3#*117*3*2#
Warid Weekly Extreme Package (2AM to 2PM)Rs. 702,500 MB7 Days*117*14#*117*14*2#
Warid Weekly Streamer PackageRs. 80700 MB7 Days*117*7#*117*7*2#
Warid Jazz Free Music Weekly BundleRs. 90350MB + 350MB for Saavn App7 Days*502*2*1#Status can be checked via‘My Warid App’

Warid Monthly Internet Packages

If you are a pro user of Internet user then these type of packages are for you now you can easily download any type of videos images and text from internet because they provide huge amount of internet Mbs and no doubt their rate are quite high from other sim but don’t forget and regret their ultra 4G speed I think you check this type of packages.

Package NameAmountVolumeValiditySubscriptionHow to Check
Warid Monthly Mega PackageRs. 1,20012GB30 Days*117*36#*117*36*2#
Warid Monthly Extreme Package (2AM- 2PM)Rs. 1255GB30 Days*117*34#*117*34*2#
Warid Monthly Browser PackageRs. 1602GB30 Days*117*77#*117*77*2#
Warid Monthly Ultimate PackageRs. 2,00025GB30 Days*117*35#*117*35*2#
Warid Monthly Streamer PackageRs. 3004GB30 Days*117*31#*117*31*2#
Warid Jazz Free Music Monthly BundleRs. 3301.5GB + 1.5GB for Saavn30 Days*502*3*1#-
Warid Monthly Premium PackageRs. 5007GB30 Days*117*30#*117*30*2#
Warid Monthly BundleRs. 6012000 SMS for All Networks + 5GB30 Days*101*1*02#Status Check *101*2*02# Unsubscribe*101*4*02#
Warid Monthly Supreme PackageRs. 8008GB30 Days*117*32#*117*32*2#

Warid Motorway Offer

The Waid user Can Enjoy the fast and without Interrupted fast internet on the way of Motorway. Warid Internet Packages Tez LTE internet on M2 and M3 Motorways – Faisalabad / Islamabad /Lahore For Subscribe just dial *777# to activate the offer.

Warid LTE Prepaid shared Internet Packages

We know that you love with your friends and Family so that we like you Share Warid great Offer Warid LTE Prepaid shared Internet Packages with the help of this you can share your internet packages.

Prepaid Shared Internet PlansMonthly ChargesVolumeActivation Method
Share UltraRs. 3,00035GBSMS “SH3” to 7777
Share ExtraRs. 2,00020GBSMS “SH2” to 7777
Share SmartRs. 1,50015GBSMS “SH1” to 7777

How to add a number to your Warid LTE Prepaid Shared Internet Plans

  • For Prepaid User: To add a prepaid number to your Shared Internet LTE Plan, SMS Addnumber to 7777.
  • Only two numbers can be added to the  Shared Internet LTE Plans in a single day.
  • SMS charges shall be applicable.

Warid Internet Packages Postpaid


Package NamePriceVolumeValidity
Monthly UltimateRs.200025000 MB30 Days
Monthly MegaRs.120012000 MB30 Days
Monthly SupremeRs.8008000 MB30 Days
Monthly PremiumRs.5005000 MB30 Days
Monthly StreamerRs.2502000 MB30 Days
  • Dial *443# to Check Postpaid Warid Internet packages menu

How to activate/change your Warid Mobile Postpaid Plans

Call Warid helpline 321 to get Warid Internet Packages or you may visit your nearest  Franchise to avail this service / Warid Internet Packages Business Centers

Warid Postpaid Internet Add-Ons


Internet Add-OnsPriceVolumeValidity
Data Add On 12001000Until Bill expiry
Data Add On 23002000Until Bill expiry
Data Add On 34004000Until Bill expiry
  • Dial *466# to subscribe for Add-Ons.

Terms & Conditions

  • All web groups are propelled expert evaluated.
  • All web packs will be recharged naturally.
  • Web Adds Ons are not consequently recharged
  • Pay As You Use is a default rate which applies on Internet utilization without an Internet package. Endorser will be charged at PKR 2/MB on a beat of 512KB.
  • Extra utilization after packs are devoured will be charged at PKR 0.30/MB (legitimate till package end date)
  • Clients can buy into a solitary information package at once. Effectively bought in the package will be supplanted with the new package membership.
  • So as to utilize LTE administrations, your portable handset and SIM ought to be LTE upheld. To get your LTE SIM please visit your closest Warid Business Center or establishment.
  • Security store is required relying on the arrangement bought in and web package chose.
  • To buy into Internet groups dial *443#. On the other hand, clients can dial 321 or visit their closest Warid Internet Packages Business Center or Franchise.
  • Web packs can be devoured on 2G, 3G and LTE systems. These can be devoured at LTE speed inside LTE organize and, best case scenario conceivable speed inside 3G and 2G arrange
  • Above the Internet, groups are accessible for Warid Internet PackagesPostpaid shopper bundles as it were.
  • Government charges are pertinent.
  • 19.5% FED applies on utilization in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK, and 17% FED applies on use in rest of Pakistan
  • Withholding expense of 12.5% applies on energize/charge
  • Overage of Rs. 1/MB applies
  • The charging framework saves certain extent of accessible information volume in MBs of your bundle against opening/getting to of every application/site on the gadget, in this manner, the synchronous opening/getting to of different applications as well as sites may bring about holding all your access information volume in MBs of your bundle and may begin charging on base rate of your bundle
  • On the off chance that you are not bought into any package, you will be charged by base rate i.e. Rs. 3.59/MB. Charging heartbeat will be 512 KB

Warid LTE Postpaid Shared Internet Plans

Warid Telecommunication also offers Postpaid shared internet LTE plans which allow users to share their internet with two of their Warid Internet Packages users friends and family members.

Postpaid Shared Internet PlanMonthly ChargesVolume
Share UltraRs. 300035GB
Share ExtraRs. 200020GB
Share SmartRs. 1,50015GB

After Read, this Many people Ask the Question?

How to add a number on your Warid Postpaid shared LTE internet plans

  • For Postpaid User: To add a postpaid number to your Shared Internet LTE Plan. Send SMS Addnumber to 4000.
  • Note. Only two numbers should be added to the Shared Internet LTE Plans in a single day

How to remove a number from your Warid Postpaid shared LTE internet plans

  1. SMS charges Should be applicable.
  2. For Postpaid User: To delete a postpaid number from your Shared Internet LTE Plan, Send SMS Dellnumber to 4000.
  3. If a postpaid customer is not willing to accept the Shared Internet LTE Plan offer, Send SMS No share to 4000.

Terms & Conditions

  • LTE Shared Internet Plans can be devoured among three gadgets as it were. One essential client/supporter can have up to 2 optional shared numbers as it were.
  • Sharing can be characterized just among postpaid numbers if the essential endorser is postpaid.
  • For more points of interest, consider 321 or visit your closest Warid Business Center or Franchise.
  • Overage of Rs. 1/MB applies
  • The charging framework saves certain extent of accessible information volume in MBs of your bundle against opening/getting to of every application/site on the gadget, in this manner, the synchronous opening/getting to of different applications as well as sites may bring about saving all your access information volume in MBs of your bundle and may begin charging on base rate of your bundle
  • On the off chance that you are not bought into any package, you will be charged by base rate i.e. Rs. 3.59/MB. Charging heartbeat will be 512 KB
  • Shared Internet Plans can be profited by both Warid 2G and LTE client.
  • You can likewise initiate your arrangement include or erase number by downloading Warid’s most recent My Warid App or Visit Warid self-benefit online interface.
  • Optional numbers will be charged according to their individual bundle or default rate on the off chance that LTE Shared Internet Plan supporter’s web package is devoured

Warid LTE Data Gift Offer

Well if you want to gift someone Warid give you an opportunity to gift me some Warid Internet Packages. Now you can Purchase Warid Gif offer and easily send to your friend’s and a family member also you will send it to your loved one. Remember one thing This Offer is both Warid Prepaid and Postpaid User.

Bundle NamePriceValidityVolumeWill be Gifted toBundle Codes
Monthly Super BucketRs. 80030 Days8 GBPostpaid/PrepaidSB
Monthly-BigRs. 50030 Days5 GBPostpaid/PrepaidMB
Monthly-SmartRs. 30030 Days2 GBPostpaid/PrepaidMS
Monthly-ValueRs. 20030 Days1 GBPostpaid/PrepaidMV
Monthly-MiniRs. 10030 Days500MBPostpaid/PrepaidMM
WeeklyRs. 507 Days250MBPrepaidWB
3-DayRs. 253 Days125MBPrepaidD3
DailyRs. 101 Days50MBPrepaidD1
HourlyRs. 104 Hours100MBPrepaidH4

Now I will give a detail of Warid LTE Gift Offers now everyone want to know about how to send it so let me give you a proper information

How to Gift Warid LTE Bundle

  • Simply Dial *777# and follow instructions
  • SMS G Receiver’s Number Bundle Code to 7777
  • Example: Donor will send SMS G 032XXXXXXXX  Code to 7777

Warid Gift LTE Bundle Charges

The Warid Company Did not charge any Extra cost for sending Warid GIFT LTE bundle to your Friends and family because Warid Know that your Importance and your relationships so it takes care of your feelings and did not tell you to give extra charges.To Check Information you may Send All SMS to 7777  it will be charged at PKR 1+tax

Warid Internet Users

The Warid Telecom is one of the leading telecommunication services providers in Pakistan. So Warid introduced its telecom services in Pakistan over 12 years ago. It is a company which is owned solely by the Abu Dhabi group. Currently, it is offering its services to 6500+ cities in Pakistan. For the past many years, Warid 4G internet packages daily are on the roll. In the present day, Warid has almost 12 million 3G and 4G active internet users. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority approved the license for an operation to Warid in 2014. It has internet packages covering an 1800 MHz and 900 MHz bands.

Warid 4G internet Packages With Activation Code

Warid is the leading brand and is the top choice for people who want to enjoy high-speed internet at low, affordable rates. There are unlimited internet packages that Warid is offering for its customers.

You can inquire about all available internet packages and relevant details by calling at Warid helpline 100.  Information about daily, weekly and monthly packages can also be retrieved by sending an inquiry message to 7777. Once you avail the desired internet package, you can keep a check on the remaining MBs.

Warid Progress

Warid is Pakistan’s one of the most reliable and Biggest  HSPA+ GSM,  and LTE based mobile operator companies which come to existence on May 23, 2005. The company is owned in Abu Dhabi which is a business Company in the Middle East and a greater investor in Pakistan.

Warid is a fifth largest mobile service in terms of subscriber-base of over 12.9 million The Warid Internet Packages is country fourth largest GSM mobile service provider company. This is not Enough Warid has something More it has a market share of 9% among cellular operators. now I will Share a Complete list of Warid Internet Packages with prepaid and postpaid.

Warid Internet Packages Weekly Offers

Warid is offering only a single internet package on the weekly basis. This data package is perfect for the customers who want to enjoy high-speed internet all 7 days a week at a very affordable and reasonable price rate.

The weekly data bundle offers over more than 250 MBs internet so that you can enjoy web browsing, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networking sites. It offers 250 MBs internet for merely 35 rupees per week. You will have to subscribe for the package every week if you want to continue using it as it automatically unsubscribes after a week of usage.


In the end, all information about “Warid 4G Internet Packages” provides above. If you have any query in mind? Feel free to comment below and must share this article with your friends and family members. For more Detail Make Sure you visit Our website All Sim Packages and All the information is Collected on the base of Warid Company-

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