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Today I will Share About Zong Call packages Details Before I Discuss it you should know about the Zong Telecommunication Sim it is one of the fastest growing sims in All across Pakistan And its Packages main motive is that to provide the best user experience their main motive is their high-quality packages their Call packages SMS Packages and also its Internet packages is amazing no doubt even no one can beat this Sim.


Zong Call Packages

Zong Hourly Call Packages

Here we will share Zong Call Packages with Hourly offers the First one is Zong Student Offers in which you will get 120 on Net mins with only 3 Rupees and this offer is valid for only 2 Hours so Subscribe only when you need to call someone.


Check It Now Zong Internet Packages

Zong Student Package 2 hoursRs. 3 (Excl. tax)120 On-net Mins (Valid for 10PM-6PM)1 Day*3000#The package will be expired in next 2 hours after activation
Zong Super Student PackageRs. 5 (Excl. tax)10,000 On-net Mins (For next 2 hrs)+30 MB Internet (for Next 2 hrs)1 Day*5555#The package will be expired in next 2 hours after activation


Zong Daily Call Packages

When People Call each other they have to pay a huge money for this so that Packages Offers you a cheap price and you can easily call with your friends and family with only less amount here are some Zong Daily Call packages in which the best package is Zong Daily Offer in which you will get 10000 free on net min with only 10 Rupees to activate this offer simply dial *777# and you will subscribe this offer.

Zong Full Gup PackageRs. 5 (Excl. tax)75 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks+30 MB (WhatsApp Only)1 Day*118*1#Send unsub to 1181
Zong Shandaar Daily Package / Zong Daily Call Package 999Rs. 8 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Mins+800 SMS All Networks+50 MB Internet1 Day*999#SMS Unsub to 5225
Zong Daily Call Package 2200 /  Happy Hour PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)90 Zong to Zong Mins+100 SMS All Networks+1MB+Call Block Service Free1 DaySend in SMS to 369 OR Dial *360#Send Unsub to 369 in SMS
Zong Daily Kashmir Offer / Zong Daily Call Package 522Rs. 10 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Calls to Zong Numbers from Kashmir+1MB Internet1 DaySMS AJK and send it to 522 OR Subscribe OnlineSMS Unsub to 522
Zong Daily Call Package 777Rs. 10 (Excl. tax)10,000 FREE On-net Mins1 DayDial *777#Send Unsub to 7141
Zong Daily Call Package KarachiRs. 12 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Calls +125 MB1 Day*544#The offer will automatically be expired after 1 Day
Zong Call Packages Daily UnlimitedRs. 12 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Zong to Zong Calls+1 MB Internet1 Day*522#SMS Unsub to 522


Zong Hello Daily Call PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)100 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks+50 MB for Facebook1 Day*2200*1#Dial *2200# & Select 5
Zong Flutter PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)90 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks1 Day*369#Zong flutter package unsubscribe Send Unsub to 369
Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)10,000 On-net Mins (Valid for 6AM-6PM)+500 SMS All Networks1 Day (Valid b/w 6AM-6PM)*666#Send Unsub to 666111
Zong Non-Stop Offer 2018Rs. 10 (Excl. tax)10,000 On-net Mins1 Day (Valid between 10PM-7PM)*777#Send Unsub to 7141
Zong Perfect PackageRs. 12 (Excl. tax)10,000 On-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+40 MB Internet1 Day (All resources will be valid b/w 10Pm-7PM)*118*2#Send Unsub to 7171


Zong 3 Days Call Package

This Package is an Extended Offer of Zong Daily Call packages because this offer is less then one weak and greater then a day so we can say this Offer is 3 Days Now let talk about this offer in which you will get 100 on net minutes with 100 SMS to all networks if you want to Activate this offer simply dial *303# and you will get this offer within an hour.

Zong Hello 3 Days Bundle Offer / Zong 3 in a bundleRs. 22 (Excl. tax)100 On-net Mins+100 SMS for All Networks3 Days*303#OrActivate through My Zong AppSend Unsub to 4952


Zong Weekly Call Package

The most famous Zong Call Packages ith Weekly offer many people use this offer because you do not need to subscribe offer again simply activate once and enjoy call packages offers there are the most famous offer the first one is Zong Hello Weekly offer in which you will get 100 Zong to Zong minutes with 100 SMS to all other networks with  1MB Internet now move on the nest most usable packages the zone Haftawar Offer This Offer is best according to me in which you will get 1500 on Net minutes with 100 off-net minutes with Some Messages and Internet Mbs but this offer is quite expensive almost about 250 Rs Checkout Other Packages Details.


Zong Hello Weekly BundleRs. 45 (Excl. tax)Daily 100 Zong Mins+100 SMS All Networks+1 MB Internet7 DaysSubscribe Online*2200# & Select 5
Zong Weekly Unlimited OfferRs. 63 (Excl. tax)Zong to Zong Unlimited Calls7 DaysSend PK7 to 522Send Unsub to 522
Zong Kashmir Weekly OfferRs. 60 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Calls7 DaysOffer can be activate via My Zong AppSend Unsub to 522
Zong Karachi Offer WeeklyRs. 76 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Zong Mins+1000 SMS All Networks7 DaysSend KHI6 to 522Zong Karachi Offer unsubscribe Send Unsub to 522
Zong Weekly Hybrid LBC Non-Punjab OfferRs. 100 (Excl. tax)50 Minutes All Networks+2GB Data7 DaysOffer can be activated via My Zong AppSMS Unsub wnp to 2080
Zong Punjab Offer Weekly Hybrid LBCRs. 100 (Excl. tax)50 Minutes for All Networks+2GB Internet7 DaysOffer can be activated via My Zong AppSMS Unsub wp to 2080
Zong Shandaar Offer WeeklyRs. 120 (Excl. tax)500 On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+500 MB Internet7 Days*7#SMS Unsub to 7091
Zong All In One 150 Weekly BundleRs. 150 (Excl. tax)7 Days700 On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins+700 SMS All Networks+700 MB Internet*6464# > 1SMS Unsub Weekly150 to 6464
Zong Haftawar Load Offer 2018Rs. 250 (Incl. tax)1500 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+1500 SMS All Networks+1.5 GB Internet7 Days*70#SMS Unsub weekly250 to 6464


 Zong 15 Days Call Package

Zong Also Provide 15 Days Call Packages with Two Amazing Offers Check Below that.


Zong Combo Pack 15 DaysRs. 200 (Excl. tax)50 Off-net Mins+3GB Internet15 Days*15#Dial *15# for deactivation also
Zong Voice Bundle 100Rs. 100 (Excl. tax)80 Off-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks15 DaysZong voice bundle 100 activations Subscribe OnlineZong Voice Bundle 100 unsub Dial 310 for deactivation


Zong Monthly Call Packages

If you are Calling Offer then this offer is made for you zong Provides best Monthly Call Packages for its users simply check now and enjoy best zong Call Packages


Zong SIM Lagao Offer 2018Rs. 0 (Incl. tax)6000 On-net Mins+6000 SMS+3GB Internet60 DaysRecharge Rs. 50 & Dial *2244#
Zong Hello Monthly BundleRs. 170 (Excl. tax)Daily 100 Zong Mins+100 SMS All Networks+1 MB Internet30 DaysSubscribe OnlineDial *2200# & Select 5
Zong Kashmir Offer MonthlyRs. 199 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Calls30 DaysActivate through Zong AppSMS Unsub to 522
Zong Area Play LBC – AJKRs. 230.50 (Excl. tax)500 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+500 SMS All Networks+500MB30 DaysActivate via My Zong AppSend Unsub Monthly 350 to 6464
Zong Monthly Call Package KarachiRs. 238 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Calls+1000 SMS / Per Day30 DaysSend KHI to 522Send Unsub to 522
Zong Unlimited Monthly OfferRs. 255 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Zong to Zong Calls30 DaysSend PK30 to 522Dial *2200# & Select 5
Zong Shandaar Offer MonthlyRs. 300 (Excl. Tax)1000 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+1GB Internet30 Days*1000#Send unsub Mahana to 7091
Zong Super Card 500Rs. 499 (Excl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+2GB+2048MB WhatsApp30 DaysZong Super Card 500 information – Offer can be activated via My Zong AppSend Unsub Monthly500 to 6464
Zong All-In-1 Monthly Package 500 DetailsRs. 500 (Excl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS All Networks+2GB & 2GB for WhatsApp30 Days*6464# > 2Send Unsub Monthly500 to 6464
Zong Star Pre-Load Monthly Power Pack SIM 500Rs. 500 (Incl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+50 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+2.5 GB Internet30 DaysSubscribe *1313#Check Remaining Resources*102#Send UNSUB START500 to 6200
Zong All In One Monthly 599Rs. 599 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Calls+500 SMS Daily+2GB30 DaysSend home1 to 6565Dial 6464 3
Zong Super Duper CardRs. 600 (Incl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+2GB+2000 SMS All Networks30 Days*601#Status Check *601*2#Unsubscribe Via My Zong App
Zong Voice Bundle 600Rs. 600 (Excl. tax)425 Mins for All Networks+500 SMS All Networks30 DaysOffer can be activated via My Zong AppFor Deactivation Dial 310
Zong Supreme OfferRs. 615.52 (Incl. tax)4000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS All Networks+4GB Internet30 Days*3030#or *6464# > 3Send unsub 750 to 6464
Zong All In One Monthly 799Rs. 799 (Excl. tax)Unlimited Calls+500 SMS Daily+4GB30 DaysSend home2 to 6565Dial *6464# then Follow Instructions
Zong Pre-Load Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs. 1000 (Incl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+1500 SMS All Networks+5GB Internet30 DaysSubscribe *1313#Check Remaining Resources*102#Send UNSUB Value100 to 6200
Zong Supreme Plus Offer DetailRs. 1155 (Incl. Tax)8000 On-net Mins+600 Off-net Mins+8000 SMS All Networks+10GB Internet30 Days*1500# Or *6464*4#SMS Unsub spo to 6464
Zong Voice Bundle 1200Rs. 1200 (Excl. tax)900 Mins for any Network+1000 SMS All Networks30 DaysActivate via My Zong AppTo Unsubscribe Dial 310

Zong 3 Months Call Package


Zong Gold Pre-Load 3 Months Power Pack SIM 1500 PackageRs. 1500 (Incl. Tax)8000 On-net Mins+200 Off-net Mins+3000 SMS All Networks+8GB Internet90 Days*1313# or Activate via My Zong AppRemaining Resources Check *102#Send Unsub GOLD1500 to 6200


Zong Power Pack SIM Offers

Zong Aims is to provide high-Quality Call Packages Packages due to this it offers you a Power Pack with 3 Edition Starter, Value and Gold offer. These Offers and its Amount is given below simply check that and enjoy high-quality Zong Call Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation Code
Starter (Monthly Power Pack 500)500 Rs + tax1000 On-net minutes50 off-net minutes, 2,50MB internet data, 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *1313# and follow on-screen instructions
Value (Monthly Power Pack 1000)1000 Rs + tax2000 On-net minutes150 off-net minutes, 5000MB internet data, 1500 SMS30 DaysDial *1313# and follow on-screen instructions
Gold (3 Months Power Pack 1500)1500 Rs + tax8000 On-net minutes200 Off-net minutes, 8000MBs internet data, 3000 SMS90 DaysDial *1313# and follow instructions


 Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Beside Zong Prepaid Users it also gives Call Packages for its postpaid User

PackageMonthly Line RentMinimum Security Deposit (Rs.)Incentives
Zong z300 Postpaid PackageRs. 300Rs. 10001000 MB+500 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+500 SMS
Zong z500 Postpaid PackageRs. 365Rs. 10002000 MB+1500 On-net Mins+250 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS
Zong z900 Postpaid PackageRs. 657Rs. 20004000 MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS
Zong z1500 Postpaid PackageRs. 1,095Rs. 30008000 MB+Unlimited On-net Minutes+800 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS
Zong z3000 Postpaid PackageRs. 2,190Rs. 500025,600MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+1200 Off-net Mins+5000 SMS



We try our best to provide best Zong Call Packages we hope that you will enjoy this article and share with your friends and family members because we know that sharing is caring for more detail simple go our site All Sim Packages


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