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Zong SMS Packages 2019 Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Today we will discuss Zong SMS Packages Because we know that all the people live in Pakistan want to check which sim offer best SMS offers so that we will here to share our best Zong SMS Packages with Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Offers Simply Follow the steps and Subscribe The best SMS Offers


Today we will look at Zong SMS packages, including Daily, Week, Monthly and SMS SMS packages. Zong or China Mobile Pakistan (CM Pack) is 100% owned subsidy of China Mobile Communication Corporation. Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies are engaged in delivering cellular mobile voice and data services in Pakistan’s market. High-quality performance is witnessed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), “No.1 Operator in Voice and Data Services” service awards. Zong has more than 26 million users and market share reaches 20%. Currently, 4G coverage reaches more than 100 cities in Pakistan and this number is growing in the day.

Zong SMS Packages

Zong offers a wide range of SMS packages, so we have collected all Zong SMS packages in this article so that our readers can easily find a zong package according to their needs or stability. Zong SMS bundles include some basic packages, including Zong Daily SMS Packages, Zong Week SMS Packages, Zong 15 Days SMS Packages, Zong Month SMS Packages 2018, Zong 10000 SMS Package Code and more.

Zong SMS Packages Prepaid and PostPaid Sims

Today we will look at Zong SMS packages, including Daily, Week, Month, Prepaid and PostPad. Zong keeps you on launching Zong SMS packages to stay connected with your friends and loved ones. Zong has introduced SMS packages for PrePad and PostPad users (We have a Zong Call Packages and how to obtain them. In this article, Zong Weekly SMS Package, We Zong Daily SMS packages cover. Here is a list of Zong SMS packages.

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The following is the latest Zong SMS packages (daily, weekly, 15 days, monthly and 3 months) usage. Theses Zong packages have prepaid/postpaid customers always connected to their friends and families. Zong users can enable all Zong SMS packages online through their Zong app, you just need to download the app to subscribe to a package of your choice or you are down Zong SMS packages can enable any package by subscribing code.

Zong SMS Packages Daily

Zong Zulu SMS BundleRs. 2.50(Excl. tax)500 SMS All Networks1 Day*704#Send Unsub to 704
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsAppRs. 3.99(Excl. tax)500 SMS All Networks +30MB for WhatsApp1 Day*700#Send Unsub to 700
Zong Full Gup OfferRs. 5(Excl. tax)75 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks + 30MB (WhatsApp)1 Day*118*1#Send Unsub to 1181
Zong Shandaar Daily PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-Net Mins+800 SMS All Networks + 50MB1 DayDial *999#SMS Unsub to 5225
Zong Flutter Daily BundleRs. 10(Excl. tax)90 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks1 Day*369#SMS Unsub to 369
Zong Hello PackageRs. 8(Excl. tax)100 On-net Mins + 100 SMS All Networks + 50 MB for FB Only1 Day*2200*1#Send Unsub to 4952
Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs. 8 (Excl. tax)10000 On-net Mins (valid for 6AM-6PM)+500 SMS to All Networks1 Day*666#Send Unsub to 666111
Zong Perfect PackageRs. 12(Excl. tax)10000 On-net Mins (Valid for 10PM-7PM)+500 SMS All Networks+40 MB1 Day (On-net Mins+SMS+40 MB Valid b/w 10PM – 7PM)*118*2#Send Unsub to 7171
Zong Unlimited Daily OfferRs. 12(Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Mins+1MB1 Day*522#Send Unsub to 522

Zong SMS Packages Weekly

Zong Weekly SMS BundleRs. 17(Excl. tax)1500 SMS to All Networks+200MB (For WhatsApp)7 Days (250MB Valid for WhatsApp Only)Dial *702Send Unsub to 700
Zong Hello 7 Day BundleRs. 45(Excl. tax)100 On-net Mins+100 SMs/day for 1 Week7 DaysSubscribe Online*2200# > Select 5
Zong Unlimited Offer WeeklyRs. 63 (Excl. tax)Unlimited On-net Mins+150 SMS/day7 DaysSend “PK7” to 522Send Unsub to 522
Zong Shandaar Weekly PackageRs. 90(Excl. tax)500 On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins + 500 SMS to All Networks+500MB7 DaysDial *7#Send Unsub to 7091
Zong All-In-1 Weekly BundleRs. 150(Excl. tax)700On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins + 700 SMS All Networks, 700MB7 DaysDial *6464# > 4 > 1SMS Unsub Weekly150 to 6464
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 250 (Incl. Tax)1500 On-net+100 Off-net Mins, 1500 SMS All Networks+1.5GB Internet7 DaysDial *70#SMS Unsub weekly250 to 6464


Zong 15 Days SMS Package


Zong 15 Day SMS PackageRs. 50500 SMS15 DaysSMS Sub to 700SMS Unsub to 700
Zong Voice Bundle 100Rs. 10080 Off-net Mins+100 SMS15 DaysSubscribe OnlineCall 310


Zong SMS Packages Monthly

Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs. 50 (Excl. tax)500 SMS All Networks+30 MB (Per day for 30 days)30 DaysDial *705#Send Unsub to 700
Zong Hello Monthly BundleRs. 170Daily 100 Zong Mins+100 SMS All Networks + 1MB Data for 30 days30 DaysSubscribe OnlineCall 310
Zong Shandaar Monthly PackageRs. 300(Excl. tax)1000 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+1GB30 Days*1000#Send unsub Mahana to 7091
Zong ALL-IN-1 (Monthly)PackageRs. 500 (Incl. Tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS All Networks+2GB+ 2048 MB for WhatsApp30 DaysDial *6464#>4>2Send Unsub Monthly500 to 6464
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax)1000 On-net Mins+50 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+2.5 GB30 DaysDial *1313#*102#for (Available Resources)
Zong Supreme OfferRs. 800 (Incl. Tax)4000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS+4000 MB30 Days*3030#Send Unsub 750 to 6464
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs. 1000 (Incl. tax)2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+1500 SMS All Networks+5GB30 Days*1313#
Zong Supreme Plus OfferRs. 1300 (Incl. Tax)10,000 On-net Mins+600 Off-net Mins+10000 SMS+10000 MB Internet30 Days*1500#Send Unsub spo to 6464
Zong Unlimited Monthly OfferRs. 255Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes30 DaysSend PK30 to 522Send Unsub to 522


Zong 3 Months SMS Package


Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500Rs. 1500 (Incl. tax)8000 On-net Mins+200 Off-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks+8GB3 Months*1313#Check Remaining *102#


Zong Postpaid SMS Packages


Zong Postpaid Internet PackagesMonthly Line Rent (Rs)Minimum Security Deposit (Rs.)Incentives
Zong z300 Postpaid PackageRs. 300Rs. 10001000 MB+500 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+500 SMS
Zong Postpaid Packages z500Rs. 365Rs. 10002000 MB+1500 On-net Mins+250 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS
Zong z900 Postpaid PackageRs. 657Rs. 20004000 MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS
Zong z1500 Postpaid PackageRs. 1,095Rs. 30008000 MB+Unlimited On-net Minutes+800 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS
Zong z3000 Postpaid PackageRs. 2,190Rs. 500025,600MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+1200 Off-net Mins+5000 SMS


We Hope that you will like our post on Zong SMS Packages our main aim is to provide correct Information and solving your problem we know that many people face problem to finding best sim packages for their respective sims so keep reading and sharing our post. More detail visits our site All Sim Packages Here.

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